Ted’s Modeling Blog

Sharing hints, tips and topics to help build that realistic model

Welcome to my new means of communicating ideas, techniques and more with you in order to help you produce more realistic models.

I’ll let you know of new products and promotions so you can get in early. I carry a vast assortment of products and therefore I can’t have large quantities of any one item. If something is out of stock, you can receive an email when it’s available again.

I often receive questions regarding fitment of parts on my website or questions on technique and now I can share these topics with you.

I will post photos of competed models as well as works-in-progress. Send me your photos at TedsModeling@gmail.com. If you have a means to adjust the size, make them 4.5″ x 2.25″ or 925 pixels x 425 pixels at a resolution of 200. If you’re sending them from your phone, select ‘normal’ or ‘medium’.

I will also be showing and discussing real life cars and parts in order to make your models life-like and realistic.

I want to thank my suppliers and manufacturers for letting me represent them and their products.  I truly have the highest quality parts because of them.

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