I received an email asking the following (edited for clarity):

I’m not familiar with Micro set, setting solution. Do you brush it on after the decal is off the sheet or do you put it on the decal? Please help, really confused. I would like to add a large body stripe over the rear spoiler.

Here was my reply (comments added for more information):

First off, decals like glossy surfaces because the surface is really smooth.  They don’t adhere or set well on dull surfaces. Paint the area/body first with a gloss paint and/or use a clear coat. Future also works like a gloss coat.

Micro Set helps set the decal and goes on before and after placing the decal.  It allows you to move the decal around more, without wrinkling or tearing, to get it in the position you want. Use a small brush to work the Micro Set in and around the decal. Add a little water or more Micro Set as you’re placing the decal so that it doesn’t get dry. You can’t move a dry decal.

Use Micro Set (if using both) before using Micro Sol. An easy way to remember is to think, “I have to set the decal before I can use the solution”. You can use Micro Sol without using Micro Set and vis versa.

Micro Sol helps the decal fit over irregular edges and contours.  It softens the decal and lets it ‘drape’ into place.  Since the decal is softer, it will tear and wrinkle easily.  It’s best to put the decal in place, put a little Micro Sol over it. Using a small brush, work out the air bubbles from the center of the decal out to the edges, to get the decal to lay down. Then leave it alone for at least 24 hours.  It will settle in place by itself. If you put the Micro Sol on before placing the decal, you have a chance of ruining it because of the softness of the decal.



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